Welcoming the ethical concerns and involvement towards an environment-oriented society, Orin System implements a revolutionary lighting technology based on anion purification to the health and sanitation exigencies of the modern man. A strong focus on submitting innovation to efficiency and ethics, recommends Orin System as the first European company operating in the distribution of purifying bulbs dedicated to the special safety and health requirements of residential, commercial, industrial and street areas.

Evoking the ancient mythological praise of purity, the name Orin is highlighted by the simple yet powerful elegance of a solar symbol in an abstract representation of a bulb that reproduces pure light.
Orin System’s global expansion is supported by its engagement in quality standards. The company’s roadmap starts with its Mission to submit meaningful innovation to a safe, healthy and revived environment complimented with an impulse for serenity, inspiration and energy for people, regardless if they enjoy a natural or an man-made ambiance.

The company’s Vision commits every business-related dimension towards a healthier and more sustainable environment, thus becoming a worldwide leader in lighting products based on anion purification. The Values underlying Orin System are distinguished by correct actions towards our environment, but above all by delivering superior value for its customers and partners.

With a sensorial action focused on reaching a visual olfactory comfort, the innovative anion purification lamp distributed by ORIN facilitates the natural adaptation to a healthy environment in a household, commercial and industrial use.

The lighting equipment and technologies promoted by ORIN are certified by the Research Institute for Renewable Energies, an authority that guarantees a clean and ethical environment. The innovations featured in anion purifying lamps have been adapted for household use as well as for complex requirements imposed by safety standard conventions and legislation for the highest demanding commercial and industrial activities.

  • Our team of experts provides worldwide assistance
  • We have strong values of equity and define a healthy way of living
  • We provide excellence in services and focus on creating business benefits for our partners
  • We examine and analyze carefully any proposals from our customers
  • We differentiate from our competitors through a unique consulting approach
  • We engage in true partnerships with our clients
  • We respect the environment and support any sustainable activity


We work as a single united team with market leading companies around the world and provide our clients the highest quality advice possible.