A revolutionary technology that neutralizes air inclusions through the emission of negative ions, all ORIN purifying lamps eliminate bacteria, dust, smoke and pollen, insuring a clean and safe ambiance.

Released in the pressure of waterfalls, lightning, ultraviolet and photosynthesis, negative ions act as the most efficient cleaning filters for the environment, supporting the healthiest life conditions.

Only by breathing the air charged with negative ions we enjoy an infusion of health by strengthening our immunity system, balancing our metabolism or reducing fatigue.


Positive Ion: an atom (or molecule) that has lost one or more electrons due to a high-energy impact. Natural forces that generate positive ions include the decay of radioactive minerals, radon gas, forest fires, lightning and ultraviolet rays.

Negative Ion: an atom (or molecule) that has gained one or more extra negatively charged electrons. Negative ions are naturally generated by evaporating water.


With a lifespan of at least 30,000 hours, ORIN’s commitment is the dispersion of light for a natural environment.

Energy Efficient

The capacity of 26 Watts of an anion purification bulb, guarantees the same performance of 130 Watts of an incandescent model.


Instantly neutralizes harmful impurities such as allergenic particles, phytoplankton, pathogens and bacteria such as coli, mold, mites, etc.


Destroys airborne bacteria and removes chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, xylene and Sulfide Hydrogen.

Olfactory Element

Actively eliminates odors in the room, neutralizing the composition of harmful impurities that generate them.


Quickly eliminates smoke while preventing “passive smoke” through photo catalysis that decompose surface polluters and damaging substances.
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