For the first time in Europe, Orin System implemented the revolutionary anion technology and is pursuing a dynamic development in the field of lighting equipment through unique distribution in Europe. By establishing successful partnerships, the main objective of the company is to promote the innovative purifying bulbs that facilitate the natural adaptation to a healthy environment for any activities supported in a household, commercial or industrial area.

Orin System’s goal is to establish long-term collaborations with its partners, constantly contributind to the development and improvement of the production process and quality control through massive involvement in research and innovation.

Orin System proposes a complete offer for commercial use of anion purification light bulbs through Marketing processes that differentiate the particularities of each product. The promotion strategy proposed, will contribute to a natural and functional cooperation with its partners, thus leading to a successful collaboration. Orin System is involved in the development of different environmental programs implemented by specialized institutions and supports similar activities supported by frameworks such as department stores.

Orin System provides support in defining and promoting the unique offerings of each product, by actively contributing to the strengthening and development of a Marketing plan by:

  • Monthly promotions
  • Billboards
  • Advertising in Media – TV – Radio
  • Advertising in magazines
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Permanent consultancy on Marketing plans
  • Interior fittings: shelf stand

In a competitive harmful environment, manage those who choose partners with healthy basic principles. 

We want to be such a partner for you! 

Start purifying your life!



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