If we enjoy the pulse of an urban lifestyle, our household will inevitably face the infiltration of benzene vapors generated by tobacco smoke or air drafts that feature toxic particles from the road traffic outside.

Classified as A1 level of toxicity, benzene has a damaging effect on the central nervous system.  Benzene in found in a ratio of up to 90% in all dangerous impurities that can be detected in a living space.

In only 200 minutes, an ORIN light bulb reduces the benzene concentration in a room stabilizing it to a value close to 0.

A safe ambiance becomes a must for the sensory comfort of babies and for each and every one of us who face a sensitive respiratory system, health exigencies being reached in a natural manner by ORIN light bulbs.


The optimal intensity and balanced dispersion of light, sustain efficiency in any activity through the revolutionary LED technology that insures a higher focus ability while reducing all efforts of organic adaption to an artificial environment. Beyond valuing each ambiance trough an attractive aura with a slight avant-garde touch, introduced in the primary colors palette, the ORIN technology translate comfort under the inspiration brought by the most delightful moods:

  • Blue brings the inner peace that we search to find while taking a rest.
  • Green awakes our creativity being valued at its highest level in study rooms.
  • Red gives an energy boost for each challenge in sports or other physical activities.
  • Yellows offers serenity and solar warmth to take pride in the most welcoming home.


Lighting exigencies legally imposed for production plants and warehouses in operating industrial projects, are insured by ORIN systems through neutralizing volatile toxic compounds, reducing their concentration towards 0.

Not only by manipulation, as especially through storage, substances that are the most frequently found in the activity of a variety of industries from chemicals, plastic, up to pharmaceuticals through a high degree of toxicity, expose the human body to severe effects that even prove lethal following an apparently minor concentration:

  • Benzene and xylene affect the central nervous system through a carcinogen content.
  • Formaldehyde acts as a powerful irritant for teguments and mucosa.
  • Sulphide hydrogen presents chronic and acute effects, as exposure to an air concentration of just 0,1% results is blocking the transportation of oxygen.
  • Ammonia in an atmospheric concentration of 0,5% in air, installs death in the following 30-60 minutes.

ORIN lighting systems complete the efficiency of compulsory ventilation standards for industrial properties, purifying even the most challenging environment.


Following ergonomics as a fundamental value, innovations that support the anion purifying lamps allow a delicate, natural dispersion of light both for individual or cubicle offices, conference rooms, auditorium of laboratories.

Air purifying properties are adapted for offices in order to increase efficiency following the ventilation parameters found in the contemporary buildings that serve the corporate environment.


When we speak of such a property, the lights have to reveal an experience like the one found as a courtesy of stores or places in which we can enjoy the finest cuisine.

Since lights have to step back to compliment new sensations, anion purifying systems can also be found in “blind” light bulbs so that discretion can be accompanied by purity and energy.


The massive pollution that challenges contemporary times, leads us towards constantly finding solutions to decrease the deterioration of our environment.

Beyond our duty towards our planet in keeping a clean environment, ORIN sustains the protection and purification of air even in open spaces by placing street lamps in areas of high interest.

The anion purifying technology was first introduced in street lighting with a performance that recalls the force of nature in a significant reduction of all polluters that compromise a healthy city living.