The advantage of fluorescent neon tube are great lighting and resistance to bad ambient conditions. Designed especially for industrial frameworks (the most harmful systems in terms of positive ions charging) or medical environment (where fresh air and high concentration are essential), the Radiant – fluorescent neon tube – creates a natural and cold atmosphere, maintaining a clear light up to 10,000 hours.

Watt Socket Lumen Lamp Diameter Base Diameter Maximum Height Light Type
7 W (35 W) E27 385 50 51 120 cool/warm
11 W (55 W) E27 or E14 605: 50 51 120 cool/warm
15 W (75 W) E27 or E14 825 50 51 120 cool/warm
20 W (100 W) E27 1100 60 55 155 cool/warm
26 W (130 W) E27 1430 60 55 170 cool/warm
The advantage of fluorescent neon tube are great lighting and resistance to bad ambient conditions.


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