To ensure a sensory action focused on the olfactory and visual comfort, Orin System proposes the implementation of smoking booths in public areas that facilitate natural air adaptation to a healthier and cleaner environment by activating anion purification bulbs.

Each booth dedicated to active smokers, presents an invitation to discover the benefits of the revolutionary lighting technology that provides real-time purified environment. Cigarette smoke is quickly removed by photo-catalysts that decompose pollutants and harmful surface substances, therefore smokers can still enjoy their coffee in a clean and safe environment.

Orin Concept V2

Suitable For Partnerships With Cigarette Companies

Orin Concept V1

Suitable for interior commercial areas


Orin System offers complete solutions regarding commercial equipment such as shelf stands, for all types of shopping areas. With a closed front and a transparent design, equipped with four dividers, the system facilitates the exposure of ORIN purifying bulbs in a clear manner that demonstrates their benefits. The appearance of the acrylic glass tube emphasizes the idea of ​​improving our quality of life through science.