Project Description

Orin System offers complete solutions regarding commercial equipment such as shelf stands, for all types of shopping areas. With a closed front and a transparent design, equipped with four dividers, the system facilitates the exposure of ORIN purifying bulbs in a clear manner that demonstrates their benefits. The appearance of the acrylic glass tube emphasizes the idea of ​​improving our quality of life through science.

The lower part of the stand contains a carbon source, an air tubing pipe and a ventilator. The air combined with smoke from the carbon source is blown vertically into the transparent tube.

Also, in the lower part of the stand, there is the 220V connection to the store’s network, together with the fuse and control of the stand. Thus it permits to control the ON or OFF switching of the lights, to start the carbon source, the fan and optionally the airflow that passes through the tube.

In order to create the effect of a draft tube, the top of the stand serves as support for Orin bulbs. These are fixed on a metal chrome support and are connected so that a potential failure of one of them could not interrupt the operation of the other.

The visual identity elements – such as Orin logo – are placed on the same superior component. The acrylic glass tube forms a chamber where the purifying action of the bulbs can be observed.

The stand is made out of chipboard plywood, covered with a 0.5mm chrome steel plate that can be removed for maintenance or for the replacement of the bulbs. For increased safety in operation, a ballast can be placed at the bottom of the stand or an anchor to the existing metal shelves of the store can be achieved.