Refreshing to the visual center, can a lamp provide therapeutic action, correcting predisposition to allergies, vulnerabilities to environmental factors or weakness to rest?

Thursday, June 11, Romania has welcomed with open arms the official launch of the innovative anion purification lamps distributed for the first time in Europe through ORIN SYSTEM. In an elegant and welcoming environment, Orin presented a revolutionary technology that neutralizes the air inclusions by releasing negative ions.

Prof. Dr. Petre Negrea, professor at Research Institute for Renewable Energies, Timișoara had the opportunity to share with more than 80 guests the mystery of ORIN bulbs through practical demonstrations.

Through the emission of 15 million negative ions as an operating principle, ORIN bulbs generate a fresh and invigorating environment, providing the energy needed for daily activities for an exceptional quality of life.

The innovative lighting system has been adapted both for the comfort in a domestic environment and the most demanding commercial and industrial activities, car interior, medical facilities and streets.

Having as a basic principle the sensory comfort, all 7 models of ORIN bulbs proudly bear names that describe human conditions in their happiest moods: Euphoria – spiral energy saving bulb, Delight – LED bulb, Bliss – color LED bulb, Mistery – the “blind” bulb, Radiant – fluorescent neon tube, Joyride – car purifying system, Rambler – LED street lamp.

The event that took place at Lido Hotel in Timișoara was the perfect opportunity to prove that by breathing the air loaded with negative ions, we can enjoy an infusion of health thus strengthening our immunity, regulating metabolism and decreasing fatigue. By defining a healthy lifestyle, ORIN SYSTEM provides us a cleaner environment, rich in particles of happiness.