Research underwent in Geophysics, Neurology and Medical Climatology certifies outstanding results in therapy, accelerating our body’s capacity of recovering.

The curative effects of exposure to negative ions:
• 60% decrease in the transmission of tuberculosis.
• 63% of patients suffering of bronchial asthma expressed partial to total relief.
• 85% of all patients treated in a permanent exposure to negative ions have demonstrated a positive recovery without experiencing intense pain that required the use of narcotics.
• The fast recovery of patients affected by burns.
• A massive decrease of postoperative pain, replacing the necessity of morphine.
• A high efficiency in keeping under control the risk of airborne infection spread in hospitals and nursing homes, insuring a superior sanitation of medical instruments and technology.

• Strengthens immunity by rebooting weakened metabolic functions and increasing resistance against illnesses, infections and inflammations.
• Activates recovery
• Fights against aging by controlling cell oxidations caused by free radicals
• Fortifies tissues through an improved permeability of cell’s prototype plasma membranes, boosting metabolism

• Prevents headaches, migraines and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
• A deeply improved quality of rest, a higher recovery through sleep and prevention of fatigue.
• Induce a positive psychological and emotional state, as the 5-HT serotonin secretion is boosted by the increased capacity of our blood flow to our cells and tissues.
• Fights chronic depression

• 15% of negative ions get inside our body through breathing
• 85% of anions are absorbed due to skin’s functions
• Blocks allergens that affect the skin and bring relief to any discomfort
• Prevents and neutralizes inflammations and infections.

• Increases blood purity through higher alkalinity and stimulation of globulin
• Blood reaches superior oxygen absorption
• A more rapid oxygenation of cells and tissues due to a healthy circulatory system, reduces our organism’s rhythm of aging
• Fortifies our heart through an increased concentration of calcium
• Purifies and revitalizes the lymph system.
• Controls the maintenance of a healthy level of sugar in our blood
• Relieves discomfort of patients suffering from asthma
• Improves the weather sensitivity of rheumatic joints.
• Provides a higher metabolism of water-soluble vitamins